Plastic components for refrigeration appliances

We encourage you to browse the offer of our components for refrigeration equipment.

Due to the fact that we are a production company, we can easily compete with other companies in terms of the quality and price of our products.

Adjustable feet

Adjustable feet that can be used as supports for refrigeration equipment or furniture, made of hardened rubber with a galvanized thread of various dimensions. Also available adjustable feet under the square profile in various sizes.



Plastic handles of various sizes and shapes, made of ABS or polyamide in various colors.



Hinges made of polyamide, durable and stable, for mounting in various configurations.


Rubber components

Elements made of black rubber or soft PVC used as conduits and siphons to drain condensate, with the possibility of configuration of outflow and siphon from rubber.


Condensate drain funnels

Condensate funnel made of polypropylene or polystyrene, in gray or white. A multitude of dimensions ensures a precise fit for a specific system.


Rollers for sliding doors

Rolls of various widths, made of black or white polyamide with a casing made of galvanized sheet.


Accessories for doors and shelves

Glass clamps or shelf holders are one of the many accessories used in mounting shelves, windows and doors. Made of polyamide or polystyrene.


Various accessories

Different types of plugs or elements protecting cables against pulling out are one of the many accessories manufactured by our company.