Thermoformed components

Thermoforming is a technological process in which flat plastic plates are heated in the initial phase of the process to the certain temperature in order to be formed into products of defined shapes. That technology is used in:

gastronomy (sides and doors for refrigeration multidecks and counters),

advertising (outdoor or indoor banners),

sports (snowboards, bicycle helmets),

automotive (dashboards, roof trunks).

Our company specializes in the production of thermoformed sides and doors used in multidecks, cooling cabinets or refrigeration counters.

Moldings are formed on PLASTIPLAST DUOTERM thermoformer with a real working area of 2000mm x 1000mm and insulated with polyurethane foam injected under high pressure by EURO POLIURETANI H500 RESTYLING.

Elements are made according to customer’s requirements, in the maximum size of 2000mm x 1000mm, mainly ABS and HIPS plates in various colors.

We encourage you to submit queries, we will help in choosing the right solution for your needs.